An Analysis of Teachers’ Utilization in Urban and Rural Secondary Schools in Mid-Western States of Nigeria


The study was designed to investigate if teachers in urban and rural secondary schools in Mid-Western States of Nigeria, were under utilized or over utilized. It also sought to ascertain if urban secondary school teachers were more utilized than their rural counterparts. To guide the study three research questions were raised. The study sampled 240 teachers (i.e. 120 teachers each from urban and rural schools). They were selected from 48 sampled public secondary schools (i.e. 24 schools each from urban and rural areas). The Public Secondary School Teachers’ Utilization Questionnaire (PSSTUQ) was used to collect data. The data gathered were analysed using the formula recommended by the guidelines for the implementation of the 9-3-4 Education System. The study revealed that urban secondary school teachers had an average weekly workload of 16 periods, while their rural counterparts had 26 periods. The rural secondary school teachers were not only adequately utilized but they were more utilized than the urban secondary school teachers.