An Analysis of Federal Government Expenditure in the Education Sector of Nigeria: Implications for National Development


Government expenditure on education in Nigeria is categorized under the social and community services sector. The importance of education in national development cannot be overemphasized hence its cardinal position in various objectives of most developing countries. In Nigeria over the years, elements of uncertainty have beclouded this sector both in nominal and in real terms. Incessant strikes, closure of schools and other vices account for poor quality teaching and quality of products. The objective of this study is to examine the profile of educational expenditure in Nigeria (1977 – 1998). An education expenditure model was constructed and tested using the ordinary least squares (OLS) technique. The estimates, though not overwhelmingly robust, it was discovered that federal government revenue is the singular significant determinant of educational expenditure model. It is the recommendation of this paper that other sources of financing education should be encouraged.