Acheiving Universal Basic Education in Nigeria: Issues of Relevence, Quality and Efficiency


The paper discusses the achievement of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Nigeria. It gives particular attention to the extent to which the government is making progress towards the realization of UBE. It also highlights the issues of relevance, quality and efficiency in the UBE programme. The various efforts the governments have made towards the realization of UBE by the year 2015 in terms of quality and relevance of the programme were highlighted. An examination of the various studies and reports on UBE in Nigeria, was made and based on the findings, it was concluded that unless the government places more emphasis and efforts on the issues of relevance and quality, the internal efficiency of the UBE programme will continue to be weak, making the realization of UBE a mirage. The paper concludes with suggestions that will ensure reduction in dropout rates and higher efficiency in the UBE system.